A Journal of the Plague Year 2.0 Day 21

25th November 2020

I am having a bad hair day/ life, in every way possible.

These people on the other hand are having an absolutely fucking fabulous hair day. They got it specially done, they went on a photo shoot, gave it some blue steel.

I envy them.

The Fires of Mustique

The Mod Helmet

The Texan Oil Gusher

The Sex Badger

The Sexsquatch

The No Seriously If I Got Into A Car Wreck They’d Think They Hit A Yeti

Days of Thunder

Days of Hiding

The NASA Lift Off

The Magic Mushroom

The Laser Bowl

The Pixielated

The When Big Hair Roamed The Earth

The Shy and Enigmatic

The Nothing Is Strange

The Full Vienna Philarmonic

How do they do it?

So perfected in poise, pride and in public, where people are so impressed they sneak pictures. Even social media takes note.

The Caterpillar Attack

The Mysterious Roadkill

The Ladykiller Cloud

The King of Sting

The Shithead

The Sex Comes Knocking

The Make Up Brush

The Chuck Norris Is On The Back Of My Head

The Cup Overfloweth

The Strange Encounter

The Gloryhole

The Stilling Of Deeper Waters

The Checkout

The Death Is The Answer

The Why

The Why Not

The Attack Ships On Fire Off The Shoulder Of Orion

If only, to be so blissfully unaware.

Also it’s cake day bitches

This is me right now, everything about me:

Ok, enough culture for today. Such is the human spirit.



L x



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